PvP Spotlight: Arms Talents

Welcome back dear readers to another skills session with the mighty Uthric! In this post, I will be taking a look at what’s available to Arms warriors in a PvP environment. As an eager PvPer, I love diving into combat and taking the fight to the Horde in battlegrounds, arenas and the open world. Arms... Continue Reading →

Magnificent Machines

Whether the product of dedicated engineering, mad scientific endeavour or the necessities of war, mechanical mounts are some of the most visually striking to be found in the World of Warcraft. As I'm not averse to the lustre of polished metal, I've accumulated many shiny specimens through the course of my in-game travels, so in this post, I will be... Continue Reading →

From Love to Hate

Happy New Year and welcome back dear reader to my first post of 2019! After a much-needed festive break, the mighty Uthric is back and taking stock of the wide world of Azeroth. We left 2018 with Tides of Vengeance in full swing as Night Elves and Forsaken struggled for control of Darkshore and expectations... Continue Reading →

Uthric’s Festive Message

I started this week with the intention of writing and publishing a new piece as a follow-up to my last post. Sadly, time has not been on my side. The demands of work and the preparations for Christmas have taken up most of my days this week, meaning I haven’t been able to research my... Continue Reading →

PvP Spotlight: Defensive Stance

Whether you love it or hate it, Defensive Stance is a go-to talent for Arms Warriors in PvP. Whilst active, it reduces all damage taken and dealt by 20% and is on a six second activation cooldown. Whatever the PvP setting, Defensive Stance is used more widely than Second Wind and Bounding Stride, the other... Continue Reading →

The Right Vocation

Despite sweeping changes to the World of Warcraft over the years, professions have been an enduring feature of the game. Opinion will vary over how relevant they are in the Azeroth of today, but they still provide texture and depth to a game that could easily narrow its focus to just combat and storytelling. I’ve... Continue Reading →

Making The Most Of Your Time

“Times change” the loathsome Garrosh Hellscream uttered in final moments of the Warlords of Draenor cinematic. Indeed, as time rolls on, most of us will see some change in our WoW-playing routines and I’m no exception. Years ago, striding the fields of Azeroth was one of my primary pastimes, with several evenings a week devoted... Continue Reading →

Warrior’s Toolkit: Protection

Wading fearlessly into the horrors of battle, the Protection warrior stands firm to defend comrades against whatever savagery their foes can muster. Armed with a stout shield and indefatigable will, Protection warriors can barricade themselves against all manner of spells, swords and claws whilst retaliating with earth-shaking force.

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