Magnificent Machines

Whether the product of dedicated engineering, mad scientific endeavour or the necessities of war, mechanical mounts are some of the most visually striking to be found in the World of Warcraft. As I’m not averse to the lustre of polished metal, I’ve accumulated many shiny specimens through the course of my in-game travels, so in this post, I will be taking a look at my favourite machine mounts and what I love most about them.

Champion’s Treadblade


Setting the prospective biker back a cool 100,000g in the back streets of Stormwind, the Champion’s Treadblade was an object of lust for me before I acquired my own. Seeing a player race past on this marvellous vehicle made me think little more than “I want one”

A bit of scrimping and saving later, and I put down my cash and picked up my own Treadblade. I particularly like the contours of the bike and it’s sleek finish in comparison to the rough, jumbled look of Mekgineer’s Chopper. It also travels well from a variety of perspectives. My warrior sits neatly in the saddle as it rolls swift and low across all manner of terrain, the engines emitting a throaty growl as it does so.

It’s been my mainstay as a mount ever since I bought it at the start of Legion and my current transmog has only cemented its position. I think the clean metal, regal blue and gold trim of the Treadblade fits well with my current Warfront set due their similar colour schemes.

Meat Wagon


A recent addition to Uthric’s motorcade, the Meat Wagon is a gift for those pre-purchasing the special edition of the remastered Warcraft III. This fiendish contraption is essentially a rolling catapult, its projectile little more than glistening chunks of meat. Bedecked with spikes, chains and spilling blood as it goes, this ghoulish vehicle fits well with the visceral theme of the Scourge and would be a perfect mode of transportation for a Blood Death Knight.

I love the standing animation where it fires, the catapult arm flinging the grisly missile into the distance. The only minor quibble I have is that the meat missile fades after firing. I would have loved to see it splatter against hard surfaces instead! I imagine such an undertaking would be difficult from an animation standpoint so can understand why it doesn’t.

A nice thought though!

Darkmoon Dirigible


One of Silas Darkmoon’s finest, this bloated bad boy will set you back 1,000 Darkmoon tickets. It took me quite a while to grind this one, but I’m glad that I did. This is not just a mount for Darkmoon enthusiasts. The Dirigible is big, fun and silly, the perfect means of flight when you are in a jovial mood and an unapologetically gaudy statement even if you aren’t!

In addition to the dirty chug that comes from its engines, I’m endlessly amused by the lurid paint job and drill-bit nose. It’s a mount that looks like it will catch fire and plunge to the ground at any minute, which just adds to the appeal. Flying past focal points and congregations of players is always made more enjoyable when you’re riding a bag of volatile gas strapped to a propeller!

Sky Golem


A product of a deranged engineering mind, the Sky Golem is an armoured vehicle that can stride across the earth and soar through the sky with equal ease. Belching acrid fumes from its numerous exhaust pipes, the machine sports chunky arms, clawed hands and dense, tree trunk-like legs. The anthropomorphic visage is completed by a crazed goblinoid face at its front from within which comes a hazy glow of garish light.

Subtlety is not the Sky Golem’s strongpoint; in appearance, it is pleasingly reminiscent of the old Ork Dreadnaughts in Warhammer 40k with their crude metal plating and oversized mechanical limbs. In terms of movement, the standing animation is a shuddering, twitching spectacle; the force of the engine’s vibrations look like they will rip the Golem apart.

The whole thing is chaotic, vulgar and looks hazardous to operate, but it’s all of these things that make the Sky Golem a uniquely wonderful way to travel.

Stormwind Skychaser


The Stormwind Skychaser was an in-game gift for those purchasing a virtual ticket for the 2017 Blizzcon. A masterpiece of Alliance technology, the Skychaser is a beautiful symbol of both strength and grace.

Four rotor blade engines carry the Skychaser with elegance, with only a gentle sway as it glides through the air. In addition to the bold Alliance iconography, the Skychaser is well-equipped for war; from prow to stern, the ship is lined with heavy cannon that swivel in their gun ports, firing a thunderous volley as part of the mount’s static animation.

It’s a shame this can’t be unleashed in some fashion on actual targets, but this doesn’t detract from the mount in any way. Gorgeously rendered and exuding an air of supremacy, the Stormwind Skychaser is as much a statement of power as a means of transport.


So there we have it dear readers, Uthric’s top five mechanical mounts!

I’d love to know what you think and what your favourite mechanical marvels are. Do machines ring your bell or do you prefer other types of steed? Are there any metallic mounts you’ve got your eye on?

Let me know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Magnificent Machines

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  1. What a fun idea for a topic 🙂

    You have quite the collection of mounts there!

    I must admit, I saw the Meat Wagon the other day for the first time, and it made me pause what I was doing and go “What is that thing!?” Very unique different kind of look for a mount.

    That Champion’s Treadblade is so bad-ass looking though.

    I will always favor the original Talbuks above everything else I think. It was the one mount I wanted the most back in the day, and it´s just so wonderful.

    It glides with the rider in a nice way, and though I cherish my Dreamrunner, the animation of that one when it rides has not been handled well.

    Am I the only one who wish we could turn change our mount speed from time to time? Many mounts just look better at 40% speed. And it´s a nice RP touch. Oh, well, dreams 🙂

    As for a mount I have my eye on, hm. The unarmored Saber, Swift Zulian Panther, from Zul’Gurub I always loved to have.

    And those new Vicious Warsabers. gosh, they are fine. Out of my reach though, but hey 🙂

    I actually adore the Vulpine Familiar, that I hosted a Giveaway for, I´d love to have that too!

    And that mount from having 100 Exalted Reputations, the Pureheart Courser.

    My goodness, those Hyenas look fierce as well. Can I get those as Alliance!?

    Priestess´ Moonsaber! All cat mounts from Darkshore!

    Awww, Sea Turtle.

    I wish the Class Hall Hunter mount was usuable by my Druid, I´d use it all the time. It´s one of those mounts, where it looks great on the ground as well as in the air.

    All the hippogryphs! I have a few already.

    The Emerald Drake from gathering all those dragon mounts. RNG. Never gonna happen :p

    Also Onyxia!

    Obsidian Nightwing! I know that one is not obtainable too, but hey. /Dreams.


    That Dapple Gray looks so sweet, like a horse you would ride in a show.

    Out of all…The one I want the most, is the Ancient Frostsaber. Long time ago that was retired, and it will never be available to me, so here´s hoping the Classic servers might offer me a chance.

    What was the question again…. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Alunaria 🙂

      I’m hoping to do a series of articles like this one so there’ll be more coming soon!

      I’d like to collect many of the mounts you mention, although I must admit it can be difficult to motivate myself to try for a mount that has a very small drop chance!

      I actually have Invincible, although it’s ironic that I was actually trying for an achievement at the time it dropped, not the mount itself! There are a few I’ve resigned myself to probably never acquiring though; the Ashes of Al’ar, Mimiron’s Head, Midnight from Karazhan…maybe one day I’ll get lucky!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. My favorite is the Mechano-Hog. It was the first I bought back in WotLK. But I also like the Warlord’s Deathwheel – looks awesome driving them with a female Orc! 😀
    But in general in prefer animal mounts more, like raptors and tigers/sabers.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I missed out on the Deathwheel, I wasn’t playing at the time. Shame as it looks amazing!

      I have a soft spot for animals and beasts too. They’ll be the focus of my next post in this series.

      The challenge will be narrowing it down to 5!

      Liked by 1 person

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