Introducing Uthric

Welcome dear reader to Uthric Unrated, a blog documenting my adventures in the World of Warcraft as a player and warrior enthusiast. This collection of feverish typing is designed to discuss the warrior class through the perspective of the casual player, offering insights, analysis and the odd splash of frippery into the workings of the warrior and their place in the wider game world.

That being said, a serious, arithmetical character guide this is not; there are many excellent resources out there for the number-cruncher, dedicated raider and would-be arena champion but this is not one of them. Instead, I aim to provide a more personal view of the class and game, covering established topics and new subjects, all from an angle that focuses on the detail without forgetting the sheer fun of charging across the beaten earth of Azeroth and going to toe-to-toe with its many monsters and rival players.

Casual gaming is what the ‘Unrated’ part of the name means; I’m not a hardcore player and I’m not pretending to be an authority on the game. Any comments and suggestions you find in these pages are just that: personal opinion and recommendations. These may go against the established wisdom but that’s because they aren’t meant to challenge it, just offer a different perspective.

In essence, I want to create the kind of class-focused resource I was never able to find in all my years playing the game. I hope what I write here will resonate with both novice and expert, warrior and non-warrior alike, and you take away something from reading Uthric Unrated.

I hope you enjoy!


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