PvP Spotlight: Arms Talents

Welcome back dear readers to another skills session with the mighty Uthric! In this post, I will be taking a look at what’s available to Arms warriors in a PvP environment. As an eager PvPer, I love diving into combat and taking the fight to the Horde in battlegrounds, arenas and the open world. Arms... Continue Reading →

PvP Spotlight: Defensive Stance

Whether you love it or hate it, Defensive Stance is a go-to talent for Arms Warriors in PvP. Whilst active, it reduces all damage taken and dealt by 20% and is on a six second activation cooldown. Whatever the PvP setting, Defensive Stance is used more widely than Second Wind and Bounding Stride, the other... Continue Reading →

Warrior’s Toolkit: Arms

The wily Arms warrior is a master of dealing punishing damage and using battle tactics to overwhelm enemies. Excelling at single target damage, Arms warriors can also unleash ferocious area burst damage and inflict wounds of such severity, opponents will struggle to recover from them.

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