From the Soapbox

Welcome back to the pages of Uthric Unrated! Looking at my writing activity, I’m shocked at how quickly time has passed between my last post and now. As a brief explanation, my absence has been work-related; my primary employment is in finance which, if you are familiar with how the UK’s fiscal year runs, means... Continue Reading →

Uthric’s Festive Message

I started this week with the intention of writing and publishing a new piece as a follow-up to my last post. Sadly, time has not been on my side. The demands of work and the preparations for Christmas have taken up most of my days this week, meaning I haven’t been able to research my... Continue Reading →

The Right Vocation

Despite sweeping changes to the World of Warcraft over the years, professions have been an enduring feature of the game. Opinion will vary over how relevant they are in the Azeroth of today, but they still provide texture and depth to a game that could easily narrow its focus to just combat and storytelling. I’ve... Continue Reading →

Making The Most Of Your Time

“Times change” the loathsome Garrosh Hellscream uttered in final moments of the Warlords of Draenor cinematic. Indeed, as time rolls on, most of us will see some change in our WoW-playing routines and I’m no exception. Years ago, striding the fields of Azeroth was one of my primary pastimes, with several evenings a week devoted... Continue Reading →

A Personal Warcraft History

I began my Warcraft journey like many others. Intrigued by the effervescent praise a friend heaped on the game, I signed up to start a free trial. The impact was immediate. As the first MMO I’d ever encountered, I was bowled over; the setting, the scale and open-world freedom embedded in me an adoration for... Continue Reading →

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